Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why We're Raising Money

This auction is a fund raiser to rehome about 15 cats in Tennessee who are victims of the economic crisis and some tragic personal events.

The cats are extremely well cared for and healthy. This is not a hoarder situation. The owner has been registered previously as a rescue, but is not currently. They live on acreage that provides a comfortable home for all the cats (about 30 in all). She has always worked to adopt out the cats she rescues and takes in, but in these distressing times, the number of cats taken in far exceeds the number that she can adopt out from her remote rural location.

Unfortunately, the owner's husband recently suffered a serious medical problem that now requires that she become a full-time caregiver for him, which means she doesn't have the time to care properly for the 30+ cats in her care. Additionally, the recent economic collapse has wiped out their savings and they have next-to-nothing to live on.

Read the whole story here.

She has an urgent need to adopt out the cats listed in the sidebar on the right ==>

The money we raise will help in the following ways:
  • Cat food and supplies for the cats until they can be rehomed.
  • Extraneous transportation costs--airfare, for example, if necessary to get adopted cats to their new homes.
  • Donation to Caboodle Ranch, for each cat rehomed there. Any of the cats on the right who cannot be adopted out will be delivered to Caboodle Ranch in Florida, a feline sanctuary where they can live out their lives safely and comfortably. We have negotiated a reduced rate for the cats, but need to submit the donation up front. The small fee represents just a fraction of the costs required to support each cat over her lifetime.
Please be generous in your bidding and help write a happy ending for these cats.

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  1. Hello there, I am the artist who made a "Protection Bast Goddess...Power Animal...Art Doll" for Daisy...if it is possible, I would like to donate one of my Spirit Dolls so you can Auction it here to help these furry friends. Just contact me at gristello at

    This is a great idea...!

    I read your comment in the other are right, Bast is also the patron of sensuality... :) cats are like that :)