Thursday, April 23, 2009

Autographed Photo of Skeezix the Cat

ITEM: Photo of Skeezix the Cat dressed as "Skeezix Rheingold," autographed with whatever inscription you like (for example, "To my best frend in the hole entire universe, Jeter Harris").

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Many bidders have requested the ability to bid on an autographed foto of Skeezix without having to buy a kyoot owtfit. This is an 8"X10" glossy color photograph, signed and inscribed by Skeezix the Cat. It is personalized in whatever way you desire (so long as it's G-rated). It is not framed.

RETAIL VALUE: Priceless.

BID: Fixed price of $10 per photo. An unlimited number of fotos are available. If you'd like to buy a photo for $10, leave your name in the comments field below with your blog URL, Catster ID or email address.At the end of the auction, we'll contact you for your shipping info and the inscription you would like.

SHIPPING: Included


  1. Doood! I want one!

  2. Oh, I've got to have one. Skeezix is a hero of mine!!


  3. OH YES!!! We are so excited!

    Cheysuli AT

  4. Skeezix is awesome!!! I too would like a photo. I wish I could adopt Robert Tail but alas I already have 5 kitties :(

    catbyte6 AT

  5. We wants one for Grandma cat!!! She luvs pikshurs of yoo Skeezy! catsnmom AT houseofthemostlyblackcats(dot)com
    Fanks :)

  6. We want one for our baby human brother who LOVES Skeezix!

    rachel dot jarabeck at paonline dot com.

  7. I just gotta have one! Skeezix, can i be your best friend in the whole wide world too!D.M. 612085

  8. Wow! This is like finding a Picasso for ten dollars! We have to have one!

  9. Oooo yes! I'd love an autographed photo of Skeezix the Cat for $10.00! My email is Thank you!! Midori

  10. Wowzers!
    I will email each and every one of you with payment details - each are $10. At that time, reply with the inscription you would like. Remember, when Skeezix speaks, cats listen.