Monday, April 27, 2009

Handmade Tote Filled With Catnip Toys

ITEM: Handmade Tote Bag Filled With Catnip Toys Donated by Katie Rose, Value and Market and Mom!

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: The tote bags are about 5" x 5" with "Got Catnip?" and the gold stars are embroidered also on my mom's new embroidery machine. There are five catnip toys also included with each bag - two crochet balls, two small pillows and one mat. Mom washes the fabric before she uses it so there won't be any dyes or sizing on them.

MINIMUM BID: Starting Bid - $10


  1. We'd LOVE to have more toys!!! Mom made a few small ones, but we haven't seen them for a week or two (hint to mommy--time to move furniture and SPRING CLEAN!!!). We bid $10. (Camp Stanhope) e-mail: or

  2. Congrats, Camp Stanhope! You have won the tote and toys for $10. I will email you all the details. Thank you!


  3. Cool. I look forward to it. I bid on something else, but can't remember what. So if there's two bids won, let me know! Thanks for helping the kitties!!