Monday, April 20, 2009

Cat Outfit + Autographed Photo

Klik pikchers to biggify:

This is my big bruther Mao, waring the owtfit.
See, it fits even tho he is pudgy.

1) Feline Fashionista Owtfit with THREE (3) Bow Ties

2) Autograft foto of Skeezix the Cat


This auction lot inkloods 1) The Feline Fashionista owtfit pikchered above PLUS 2) an autograft foto of Skeezix the Cat.


This is a Feline Fashionista Original, deezined and made by Skeezix the Cat.

Retale Value:
$24.99 (includes shipping).
Minimum Bid: There is no minimum bid.

This is a "Poser," wich is an owtfit deezined for cats to poze in win they are being fotographed. The cat is fotographed frum the frunt, so it looks like he's waring a kyoot owtfit, but it's a faux-owtfit. It is fastened behind the nek and midsection, and is vary litewate, so most cats don't mind waring them.

The "vest" is made of a festive feline print. The cumberbund is made of an orange lepperd print fabric, and the bottum strap is made of the same fabrik as the vest. THREE matching ties are inklooded: 1) a brite orange lepperd print (matches the cumberbund); 2) solid green, and 3) a brite yellow lepperd print. The ties affix with velcro. A kyoot brown cat button dekerates the "shert."

Posers are not intended fur evryday ware, and shood never be worn withowt supervizhun.

Sizing: The owtfit shown fits average size cats (10lbs - 15lbs) -- Fits up to a 15" nek and a 20" midsekshun. But I WILL CUSTOM MAKE TO FIT. So, if yoo are under 10 lbs or over about 15 lbs, I will custum make a poser to fit yer mezhurmints egzaktly.


An autograft 8"X10" glossy foto of Skeezix the Cat, drest as Catster CEO Ted Rheingold. Will autograff however yoo wunt, with just my name or with the inskripshun of yer choice (like "to my best frend in the hole entire werld"). Frame not included.

SHIPPING: Included.
Will ship priority male in the U.S. Will ship owtside U.S. by parsel post.



  1. Awesome! I will start the bidding at $10.00!

  2. I MUST have that foto! $15!


  3. Tigger/Vanessa, pleeze leave a link to yer blog or Catster profile or purrvide an emale address.

  4. We'll bid $20.00, although we're a bit ambivalent about the idea of clothes...


    Gypsy & Tasha

  5. Gypsy and Tasha -
    You will look SMASHING in your new feline fashionista attire, which you have won for $20. I will email you with all the details. And remember... you get that FURTASTIC photo of Skeezix with a customized inscription....