Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fruit and Veggie toys

ITEM: Three carrots with multi-color feathers and 5 fruit with bells.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: banana 5 inches; orange 5 inches with tassel; pineapple 6 inches with tassel; strawberry 3 1/2 inches with tassel; lemon 5 inches with tassel; and, carrots 8,7 1/2 and 6 1/2 inches with feathers. All yarn made in USA from a smoke free home.

Retail Value: Not provided
Minimum Opening Bid: $5.00



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. $8.50 - Morgan sticks his tongue out at Odie and Crew

  3. Meows bids $10.50, purrs and fluffs his tail at Odie and Crew.....

    Yo Ho Yo Ho.........a Pirate Cat is Me

  4. Calling Odie - Calling Odie - ....sigh..... where is our bidding war?

  5. *sneaks up on Morgan....*
    I bid $11.00!

    yo ho, yo ho.....

  6. (I'm using the stealth tactic) *giggles*

  7. MOL!!!!!!! Ok my turn! $11.50 - meows was furry worried you got catnapped by Aliens!

  8. No Aliens here... yet!
    $12.00!!! *sticks tongue out at Morgan, giggling!*

  9. Morgan somersaults in jumps over a sleeping Odie and slides onto the bidding platform....

    Ups his bid to $12.50 - sneaks back past Odie and runs back to his pirate ship

  10. Split, Snoopy's brofur, sees Morgan and Odie playing POUNCE and decides to join in!

    ...throws his bid in at $13.00!

    Split doesn't a ship to slip off to, but if he did, he would fire warning shots from the canons! >^..^<

  11. Oh my catness! Such a war indeed! I hate to be the party-pooper, but since we didn't update the auction page to state that the bidding was extended, we have to honor the May 1st deadline. I am so sorry, Split. You WERE super stealthy AND pouncy, all at the same time. Maybe Morgan will share his toys...? nah. MOL!!! I am truly sorry fur the confusion, though. I hate spoiling kitty hopes...

    So - concats, Morgan! You are the winning pirate, with a bid of $12.50. I'll pawmail the details.

    Much love and apologetic purrs,

  12. Meows Odie - should we share them? We had a fare and square bidding war - and we both thought the Auction was gonna be extended?

    paw mail me at

  13. OMC!!! I am SOOOO sorry for having missed this! Things have been hectic at home (I HAVE A NEW BROFUR!!!)
    Morgan, I will do whatever you wish. You won fair and square.... however I'd be deeply grateful if you shared. Your decision, swee'pea!!

  14. Odie and I agree it's only fair if we share this bid - so we will happily both pay $6.50 and could the toys purrlease be split up? 4 for each of us?

    Purrs in Happiness


  15. It won't be a problem for Debbie to split them. :)

  16. No worries, Hemingway! Meows completely understand about the auction close date. Meybe Meowm can order us brofurs some directly from Miss Debbie.

  17. I don't know who to pay or how; please let me know! Morgan and I had such fun with our "war" MOL!