Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ring-A-Ding Trio-Cat Toys

ITEM: A lot of three Ring-a-Ding Trio-Cat Toys donated by Samoa from The Cat in the Clover

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Does your cat go CRAZY for milk rings? Then they will go SUPER CRAZY for Ring-a-Dings!
No more sharp edges to hurt their tiny mouths! These new and improved colorful playthings are made from a hard plastic ring covered in a variety of fun yarns crocheted directly onto the ring.
This set of three includes:
a. Purple funky yarn
b. Green and grey super soft yarn
c. Banana yellow bad-hair-day yarn
This sturdy toy whose center hole measures 1 1/2" in diameter can easily be carried in the mouth, batted on the floor, or tossed in the air for hours of fun! Try playing a game of fetch with these snazzy Ring-a-Dings!A Ring-a-Ding won't get lost as easily as those BORING milk rings, but you'll get THREE in this deal just in case one of them ends up under a sofa, refrigerator, or bed.
Of course, all cats should be supervised when playing with small toys.


SHIPPING: Shipping included.


  1. The girls have asked I bid $5 for them. :)

    ID # 658446

  2. Well, there are six of us so we will bid $6.

  3. Just wanted to make a notation that the colors in the description are not the ones that match the photo. The winning bidder will get the ring-a-dings that are pictured!

  4. ~explains to Lilly they don't come WITH the milk... sighs at her meow~

    They insist I bid $7. ;)

  5. Well, I will bid $8. Any chance there can be some more of these added to the auction? My kitties would love them!

  6. Another set will be added later tonight. And we also have them for sale in our Etsy shop, but please purchase from here first to help out the kitties!

  7. The kitts are insisting we bid $10.

  8. catjo04-
    congrats! You won the ring-a-dings for $10! Please contact me at or so I can send you the details.