Monday, April 20, 2009

Ring-A-Ding Trio

ITEM: Ring-A-Ding Trio donated by Samoa

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Does your cat go CRAZY for milk rings? Then they will go SUPER CRAZY for Ring-a-Dings!
No more sharp edges to hurt their tiny mouths! These new and improved colorful playthings are made from a hard plastic ring covered in a variety of fun yarns crocheted directly onto the ring.
This set of three includes:
  1. Shades of green super soft yarn
  2. Citrus bad-hair day yarn
  3. Crazy for colorful loopies
This sturdy toy whose center hole measures 1 1/2" in diameter can easily be carried in the mouth, batted on the floor, or tossed in the air for hours of fun! Try playing a game of fetch with these snazzy Ring-a-Dings!

A Ring-a-Ding won't get lost as easily as those BORING milk rings, but you'll get THREE in this deal just in case one of them ends up under a sofa, refrigerator, or bed.

Of course, all cats should be supervised when playing with small toys.

RETAIL VALUE: $4.00 from The Cat in the Clover

MINIMUM BID: Opening bid $3.00


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Couldn't edit the comment... lol! Bidding $5. :)

  3. $6 from us! Purr purr purr purr!

  4. Shadow just saw these..emptied his 'Hello Kitty' bank and wants to bid his life savings.....$11.00

  5. As heartbreaking as that image is sweet Shadow, the girls told me to bid $11.50 for them.

  6. $12.00... Please

  7. Shadow... you did it! It must have been the pathetic little mewing "please"... you won the ringadings for $12! I need your contact info, so please pawmail me at
    or email at


  8. Yep, it was the please... mama begged me to let them go.

    ~Lilly ^~~^